7BXAS/AN DownLoad

1.User Manual:

2.BIOS : Please Check your Flash ROM Size 1M or 2M.

How did you know your Flash ROM Size?
  1. Seem the message on third line when you turn on the system(it should looks like "V.7BXAN D01 08-25-1998").
  2. "V.7BXAN A?~D? series" Using 1M ROM .
  3. "V.7BXAN L? series" Using 2M ROM.
7BXASL01.BIN (For 2M Flash ROM Use , 128K,Ver L01,08/17/99)
BXAS2D01.BIN (For 1M Flash ROM Use , 128K,Ver D01,08/17/99)
BXAS2D1.BIN (For 1M Flash ROM Use , 131K,Ver D1,08/17/99)