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  1. AMD™ 780V Chipset and AMD™ SB700/SB710  Chipset
  2. AM3 CPU ready
  3. Support Socket AM2+ Phenom™ processors
  4. Support HT 3.0
  5. Integrated ATI Radeon HD 3100(For Microsoft DX 10)
  6. Supports Dual Channel DDR2 1066/800
  7. Integrated Serial ATA2 3Gb/s with RAID function
  8. Integrated ALC662 HD Audio CODEC with 6.0 CH
  9. Integrated Gigabit LAN
  10. Ready for Windows® Vista™
  11. Micro ATX Form Factor
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AMD Phenom™ Quad-Core Processors with True Quad-Core Technology
Realize new possibilities for connecting with friends, family, and digital entertainment with the phenomenal performance of the AMD Phenom™ 9000 series quad-core processor. Built from the ground up for true quad-core performance, AMD Phenom™ processors speed through advanced multitasking, critical business productivity, advanced visual design and modeling, serious gaming, and visually stunning digital media and entertainment

AMD™ 780V Chipset: Backbone of the Performance Platform
The AMD 780V Chipset with ATI Radeon™ 3100 graphics is designed to be a stable and consistent platform for a modern commercial PC. Take advantage of superior stability and exceptional performance and power savings on a platform that is designed for enhanced longevity. The AMD 780V Chipset is the right choice for your business.

Hyper Transport Technology 3.0
The highly scalable Hyper Transport 3.0 is capable to provide incredible bandwidth of the system bus up to 20.8GB/s which would dramatically elevate the efficiency of computing performance.

PCI Express 2.0 Buses
The PCI Express 2.0 x16 graphics delivers up to 8 GB/s per direction, 2 times more bandwidth than PCI Express x16 and up to 16 GB/s concurrent bandwidth. PCI Express x1 I/O offers 1GB/s concurrently, over 7 times more bandwidth than AGP8X, tackling the most demanding multimedia tasks nowadays

GPU Clock Adjustable
Onboard VGA can over-clocking

PCI-Express Gigabit LAN
Delivers transfer speed ten times faster than conventional 10/ 100 Ethernet connections, supporting a high transfer rate up to Gigabit/s. Gigabit LAN is the networking standards for the future and is ideal for handing large amount of data such as video, audio, and voice

OC-CON high-polymer solid electrolysis aluminum capacitors embedded
The working temperature is from 55 degrees Centigrade below zero to 125 degrees Centigrade, OC_CON capacitors possess superior physical characteristics that can be while reducing the working temperature between 20 degrees Centigrade each time, intact extension 10 times of effective product operation lives, at not rising degrees Centigrade of working temperatures each time a relative one, life of product decline 10% only too.

Product Accessories

  1. CPU

Supports AMD Socket AM2+/AM2:

  1. AMD Phenom processors
  2. Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron processors
  1. Chipset
  1. AMD™ 780V Chipset + AMD™SB700/SB710  Chipset
  1. Hyper Transport Bus
  1. HT 3.0
  1. Integrated Graphics Processor
  1. ATI Radeon HD 3100(For Microsoft DX 10)
  1. Memory
  1. Dual Channel DDR2 memory technology
  2. 2 * 240-pin DDR2 DIMM slots
  3. Supports DDR2 1066/800 non-ECC ,un-buffered memory
  4. Max.4GB
  1. Expansion Slots
  1. 2 * 32-bit PCI Slots
  2. 1 * PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot @16-lane
  1. Storage

AMD™SB700/SB710  Southbridge Chipset :

  1. 6 * Serial ATA2 3Gb/s connectors
  2. Supports HDDs with RAID 0, 1,JBOD Functions
  3. 1 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE Connector
  1. Audio
  1. Realtek ALC662 HD Audio CODEC with 6-Channel
  1. Ethernet LAN
  1. Realtek RTL8111C PCI Express Gigabit LAN for PA78VM5
  2. Realtek RTL8111D PCI Express Gigabit LAN for PA78VM5D
  1. USB
  1. Embedded 8 * USB 2.0/1.1
  1. Special Features
  1. Advanced Power Design that supports the latest Socket-AM2 + K10 CPU
  2. Support CPU Smart FAN
  1. Rear Panel I / O
  1. 4 * USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  2. 1 * PS/2 mouse port
  3. 1 * PS/2 keyboard port
  4. 1 * VGA port
  5. 1 * DVI port
  6. 1 * RJ-45 port
  7. 1 * Audio I / O
  1. Internal I / O
  1. 2 * USB 2.0/1.1 headers for 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  2. CPU / Chassis Fan connectors
  3. 1 * 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector
  4. 1 * 24-pin ATX Power connector
  5. 1 * Serial Port of 9-pin block
  6. CD / AUX Audio in
  7. 1 * oltra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE connector
  8. Front panel audio connector
  9. 1 * Floppy connector
  10. 1 *HDMI_SPDIF_OUT header
  1. BIOS
  1. Award 8MB SPI Flash ROM
  1. Form Factor
  1. Micro ATX Form Factor(245x200mm)
CPU Support List
Socket Model Core Num Core Name Cache Size Stepping Frequency Wattage
AMD Phenom II x 4 HD905EOCK4DGI Deneb 512K L2 x4 C2 2.5GHz 45W
AMD Phenom II x 4 HD900EOCK4DGI Deneb 512K L2 x4 C2 2.4GHz 45W
AMD Phenom II x 3 HD705EOCK4DGI Heka 512K L2 x3 C2 2.5GHz 45W
AMD Phenom II x 3 HD700EOCK4DGI Heka 512K L2 x3 C2 2.4GHz 45W
AMD Athlon II x4 AD605EHDK42GI Propus 512K L2 x4 C2 2.5GHz 45W
AMD Athlon II x4 AD600EHDK42GI Propus 512K L2 x4 C2 2.2GHz 45W
AMD Athlon II x3 AD405EHDK32GI Rana 512K L2 x3 C2 2.3GHz 45W
AMD Athlon II x3 AD400EHDK32GI Rana 512K L2 x3 C2 2.2GHz 45W
AMD Athlon II x2 ADX250OCK23GQ Rana 512K L2 x2 C2   65W
AMD Athlon II x2 ADX245OCK23GQ Rana 512K L2 x2 C2   65W
AMD Athlon II x2 ADX240OCK23GQ Rana 512K L2 x2 C2   65W
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