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  • Intel 945P Express Chipset + ICH7R ICH Chipset.
  • Intel Dual-Core LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU .
  • Support FSB 1066MHz
  • Dual channel DDR2 667/533 Memory DIMMs
  • Support Bi-GPU-Link with 2 PCI-Express x16 Slots Design
  • Support 4 Serial ATA2 Devices with RAID 0,1.5.10.
  • 8 USB2.0 Connectors Embedded .
  • Dual Gigabit LAN Supported.
  • AZALIA8 Channel Audio CODEC.
  • CPU Vcore 7-Shift.
  • Lead-free Fabrication .
  • ATX Form Factor
  • Overview


    LGA 775 Pentium D & Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology Supported

    Supports IntelR PentiumR D processor, IntelR PentiumR 4 Processor with HT Technology and all other IntelR Pentium processors and IntelR CeleronR processors in the LGA775 socket, with scalability for future processor innovations..


    INTEL 945P Express Chipset and ICH7R Chipset

    The Intel 945P Express Chipset delivers outstanding system performance through high-bandwidth interfaces such as dual-channel DDR2 memory, 1066/800 MHz system bus, PCI Express* x16 graphics port and PCI Express x1 I/O ports, next generation Serial ATA and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity. In addition, the Intel 945P Express Chipset includes support for IntelR Active Management Technology, the next generation of remote client network management for business .


    CPU Thermal Throttling / The Anti-superheated CPU protection Technology

    To prevent the increasing heat from damaging of CPU while the activation of the Bi-turbo technology, the CPU Thermal Throttling Technology will make CPU be idling from 87.5% to 12.5% by manually preset CPU operating temperature from 40? to 90?. When the system senses the climbing operating temperature of CPU over the value preset, CPU Thermal Throttling Technology will narrow the operating bandwidth of CPU actively to low down the temperature to the value preset as the perfect protection system of hardware dynamic over-clocking technology.


    Bi-GPU-Link / Advanced Dual PCI Express x16 Slots System Solutions

    With the innovative dual PCI Express x16 slot design, the 945G Express chipset based motherboard offers with two PCI Express x16 slots with full bandwidth of 16 lanes and quarter bandwidth of 16 lanes for the latest released PCI Express x16 compatible VGA cards of both NVIDIA & ATI. By running dual PCI-Express graphics cards simultaneously, this motherboard provides the ability to connect to as many as four separate displays.


    Debug Port / the Professional Hardware System Monitoring System

    Being bugged of abnormal system failure through the tossed and turned nights no more, the embedded Hardware Debug Port offers you the real-time visual system healthy for the demanding usage of computing. No more bugging by unknown system failure and no more time wasted in the first moment of 24-hour nonstop ping business computing, the embedded Debug Port will turn you into a well training hardware professional with the seeing system situation.


    CPU Smart Fan / The Noise Restrained System

    It抯 never been a good idea to sacrifice the sound effects for gaining the performance you need. CPU Smart Fan Noise Restrained System is the answer to all the noise restrained needed high performance computing system, the system will automatically increase the fan speed when CPU operating loading is high, after the CPU is in normal operating condition, the system will low down the fan speed for the silent operating environment. The system can provide the much longer life cycle for both CPU and the system fans for game use and business requirements.


    OC-CON high-polymer solid electrolysis aluminum capacitors embedded

    The working temperature is from 55 degrees Centigrade below zero to 125 degrees Centigrade, OC_CON capacitors possess superior physical characteristics that can be while reducing the working temperature between 20 degrees Centigrade each time, intact extension 10 times of effective product operation lives, at not rising degrees Centigrade of working temperatures each time a relative one, life of product decline 10% only too.


    CPU Vcore Shift / Shift_to the scalabilities and flexibilities
    The adjustable voltage for CPU Vcore can be upgraded over 13 stages for the precisely hardware dynamic over-clocking of demanding computing performance.

    • LGA 775 Socket for FSB 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz Intel® Pentium 4 With Hyper Threading Technology
    • Compatible with Intel® 05B/05A and 04B/04A processors Intel® EM64T/ EIST*
    • Intel 945G Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) for 945GCP/945GDeluxe
    • Intel 945P Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) for 945PCP/945PDeluxe
    • Intel ICH7R Chipset
    • 4 * 240-pin DIMM Sockets for unbuffered Dual DDR2 667 / 533 / 400 SDRAM up to 4 GB
    Expansion Slot
    • 2 * 32-bit PCI Slots / 1 * PCI EXPRESS x1 / 2 * PCI EXPRESS x16
    • 2 * Ultra DMA 100 / 66 / 33 & 2 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 / 33 IDE Devices Support
    • Embedded ICH7R Chipset Supports 4 Serial ATA2 HDDs with RAID Functions.
    • Realtek ALC Azalia 8-Channel Audio CODEC
    Ethernet LAN
    • Dual Marvell 88E8053 & Marvel 88E001 10 / 100 / 1000 LAN (945G Deluxe and 945P Deluxe only)
    • Marvel 88E1111 10 / 100 / 1000 LAN (945GDP/945PDP)
    • Embedded 8 * High Speed USB @ 480 Mbit / s
    Special Features
    • Advanced Power Design that supports the latest LGA 775 P4 CPU
    • Embedded OC-CON high-polymer solid electrolysis aluminum capacitors
    • IMAGE IT!” System Backup Software and “ProMagicPLUS!” System Recovery System
    Rear Panel I / O
    • 4 * High Speed USB Connectors @ 480 Mbit / s
    • 1 * SerialPort
    • 1 * D-Sub 15-pin Connector (945GDP/945G Dulex Only)
    • 1 * PS / 2 Mouse & 1 * PS/2 Keyboard
    • 2 * RJ45 Connector (945G Deluxe / 945P Deluxe only)
    • 1 * RJ45 Connector
    • 1 * Audio I / O
    Internal I / O
    • 2 * High Speed USB Connectors @ 480 Mbit / s for 4 USB 2.0 Ports
    • CPU / Chassis Fan Connectors; 25-pin Parallel connector
    • 1 * 12V 4-pin ATX Power Connector and 1 * 24-pin ATX Power Connector
    • CD / AUX Audio in
    • Award 4 MB Flash ROM
    Form Factor
    • ATX Form Factor

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    CPU Support List
    Test Report
    Category OS Ver. Size Description Update Download
    BIOS DOS 08 512KB Modify BIOS to avoid the failure of onboard LAN. 2007-1-29 Download Link
    Type Version size Description Update Download
    Sound 197MB Onboard ALC HD Sound Driver

    os: All (include Windows 7 / 8 )

    2014-3-19 Download Link
    Chipset 2.86M INTEL Express Chipset Driver

    os: All(include Windows 8 / 7)

    2012-11-7 Download Link
    VGA 11M Intel 945 VGA Driver

    os: Windows 7 64bit

    2009-8-5 Download Link
    VGA 11M Intel 945 VGA Driver

    os: Windows 7 32bit

    2009-8-5 Download Link
    LAN 3M Onboard Marvell Lan Driver

    os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

    2008-1-3 Download Link
    VGA 6.3M Intel 945 VGA Driver For VISTA

    os: Windows VISTA 32 bit

    2007-2-7 Download Link
    Chipset 1.28M Intel 945 Chipset Driver For VISTA

    os: Windows VISTA 32 bit / 64bit

    2007-2-7 Download Link
    Other1 7.9M Onboard SiS SATA Controller Driver

    os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

    2006-4-4 Download Link
    Raid 19M Intel Raid Driver

    os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

    2006-4-4 Download Link
    VGA 11M Intel 945 VGA Driver

    os: Windows 2000 , Windows XP 32 bit

    2006-4-4 Download Link
    Type Version size Description Update Download
    Manual 1.55M M/B For LGA 775 Pentium 4 Processor 2006-5-9 Download Link
    Type Version size Description Update Download
    Utilities 8.83 32KB BIOS Update Utilities 2006/7/31 Download Link
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